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Liliana Shelbrook, author

lantern in   the mist

Award Winning Historical Fiction

Lantern in the Mist cover
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Kathleen and Josie Colby stand alone in the boomtown of Skagway. They are newly arrived and penniless amid the violence and greed of the gold miners and those who prey upon them. It is 1899 and the gold rush has transformed Alaska into the favored destination for the dreamers and desperadoes of the world.


Strong and spirited, Kathleen will do anything to protect her helpless sister Josie. When it appears that Josie may be placed in an asylum, Kathleen turns to a handsome and plausible man for help. She believes he will marry her and help her care for her sister. But he is not to be trusted. In a drunken rage, he assaults her and leaves her bleeding on the muddy streets of Skagway.


With both of her parents dead, Kathleen resolves to make her way to New York City, where she believes her father’s parents live. She does not know them, but she cannot think of anywhere else to turn. In a journey full of dangerous adventure, she travels across the breadth of America, on foot, on horseback, and in that astonishing innovation called the passenger train. She and her sister experience firsthand the amazing changes that come with the birth of the twentieth century.


Though she begins her journey thoughtless and innocent, Kathleen learns to survive in a savage world. She will shoot to kill if she must in order to protect her sister and herself. The man of many secrets she knew as a beggar in Skagway helps her cross America by train, but she refuses to care for him. Will the hardships she has endured forever close her heart to love?

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Liliana Shelbrook
Liliana Shelbrook

I earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism and went on to achieve a masters of arts in education. I have worked as a journalist and also as a teacher. I currently teach writing at a major entertainment, arts, and media institution in Central Florida. My new novel, Lantern in the Mist, is the first book in a dramatic trilogy set in the early twentieth century. I created it to be an exciting series that traces the birth and growth of modern America through dynamic characters who represent our country’s history.


When I am not teaching writing or writing historical fiction, you will find me laughing with my rat terrier, Miss Eadie. I also spend time reading for pleasure,watching classic movies, and playing video games. When it’s time for a treat, I reward myself with a grilled cheese sandwich or with chocolate.

Miss Eadie and Me!


Liliana Shelbrook receives 2 medals from the president of Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

LANTERN IN THE MIST just received two silver medals (historical fiction and western) from Florida Authors and Publishers Association. It was really a wonderful night with family and friends.(August 6, 2016)

Florida Writer's Association signing
Liliana Shelbrook FWA signing

I had a great time meeting fellow writers at the Florida Writer's Association "I Love Books," signing. (May 1, 2016)

Liliana Shelbrook-Locally Grown Words Summer Book Fair
Liliana Shelbrook

I met many new readers and fellow writers at the "Locally Grown Words Summer Book Fair" this Sunday. What a great outdoor event!  (June 2015)

Liliana Shelbrook-Orange Orlando Library Florida

Thank you, dear readers, for coming out to meet me at the Orange County Orlando Library in Florida for “The Local Authors’ Spring Festival!” (April 2015)


Lantern in the Mist-Liliana Shelbrook

One of an author's proudest moments - Lantern in the Mist is available at Orange County Public Library! (Orlando, FL - January, 2015)

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